Finding an Officiant for your Gay Wedding

Finding a priest to officiate a gay wedding in Tuscany can be challenging, but not impossible! We'll help you find the right person for your ceremony.


While Italy has recognized same-sex civil unions since 2016, the Catholic Church still views marriage as a union between a man and a woman. As a result, finding a priest to officiate a gay wedding in a private villa in Tuscany can be challenging.

However, it is not impossible. Some priests are open to performing same-sex marriages, and there are also celebrants and humanist officiants who are trained to perform secular wedding ceremonies.  

It's important to research and find someone who is comfortable and willing to perform your wedding ceremony. Some wedding planners and event coordinators in Tuscany may be able to assist with this process, as they often have connections with local celebrants and officiants.  To assist in planning your stunning gay wedding in Tuscany, your Villa Ardore personal Tuscany stay planner can help shortcut the legwork and relieve you of the stress of finding a suitable officiant and local wedding planner, as well as help facilitate catering, floral arrangements photography services and party rentals.

Imagine your perfect wedding day, with the stunning edifice of Villa Ardore's centuries old stone farmhouse and incredible Tuscan views as your backdrop. Your morning might begin with pampering yourself in the luxury of your own on-site Roman spa. Your afternoon having hair and facial routine done in the studio suite, featuring a separate entrance for your grand entrance to the party. Your evening, poolside, with cocktails and bubbles, illuminated by gentle warm lighting and the pink-orange skies of a Tuscan sunset. And after, a magnificent dinner provided by a regional master chef on the grand central terrace.

In the end, it's important to find someone who can help you celebrate your love and commitment in a way that is meaningful and authentic to you. Whether you choose a religious or secular ceremony, the focus should be on celebrating your love and commitment to each other.