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Massage & Facials

Be it massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, body detoxification and rehydration, exfoliating peels and rejuvenating face treatments, our professional therapists are trained in a wide range of treatments to serve your requirements.

Wellness & Fitness

Yoga, Pilates & Personal Trainers - you have a team of wellness experts at your call.

We have a list of the top wellness professionals in our service who are ready to revitalize your spirits and restore a healthy and energetic you. From Reflexology to Yoga, Pilates or a Personal Trainer, we offer a full complement of wellness related services to rejuvenate and elevate your well being.

entertain at adore
entertain at adore

Pizza Masterclass

A master pizzaiolo will walk you through the different styles of pizza throughout Italy. Join the master in rolling out the pizza dough to create a variety of pizzas with different delicious toppings ready to bake in our food-fired pizza oven.

Wine Connoisseur

Learn everything you need about Brunello, Sangiovese and Super Tuscan during a wine tasting experience with an expert sommelier who will take you on an unforgettable journey of the Tuscan winemaking tradition.

entertain at adore
entertain at adore

Cooking Class

Join our gourmet chef and learn the secrets of creating exquisite Tuscan cuisine while preparing your own lunch or dinner. You can pick your own ingredients from our culinary garden and learn the season's specialities.

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Hot Air Balloon

Rise sky-high for a unique early morning experience that allows you to see the Tuscan landscape from a truly special perspective. Rise gently from the ground for unparalleled views over vineyards, olive groves, picturesque hills and small villages perched on the hillsides. Back on the ground a Tuscan breakfast is served in the middle of the Chianti countryside.

Horseback Riding

For beginners and experienced riders, connect with Chianti’s countryside on horseback, meandering between vineyards and olive groves. Your expert guide will lead you to some of Chianti’s most famed wineries and olive oil producers where you’ll learn the production process and age-old oenology methods. Enjoy four delicious tastings of Tuscan wines accompanied by local, organic produce while ending the day dining al fresco in a breathtaking Chianti Classico setting

entertain at adore
entertain at adore

La Dolce Vita 2024

At Villa Ardore, and beyond, we invite you to live moments that are truly special and authentic. Explore our suggested vacations for special one-of-a-kind experiences, some of which take place only on exclusive dates during the year.

Truffle Hunting

Discover the treasures of our wonderful land during a truffle hunt. Enjoy fresh nature while strolling through the forest while an expert truffle hunter, together with an expertly trained dog, will be ready to guide you to discover the secrets of the refined world of truffles.

Available only in October and November

entertain at adore
entertain at adore

Siena Guided Tour

Discover and unlock Siena’s secrets with a professional guide on a private and personalised local tour. Siena, founded by the Romans, boasts an exciting history and striking architecture. And the local traditions are fascinating, like the famous Palio di Siena held in the town’s lovely Piazza del Campo. Here twice a year dashing horses compete in a thrilling race, the Palio di Siena, a tradition which dates back to the Middle Ages and still calls to all Sienese. Hear your guide recount fascinating legends as you wander down medieval streets, and visit the magnificent Duomo, Siena’s awe-inspiring Cathedral.

World Class Golf Experience

If you are looking for a spectacular setting for a round of golf in Tuscany, there are several courses scattered throughout the region that will not disappoint your expectations. The first real modern golf course was established by the British community in 1889 in Florence, a few kilometres north of the city. Since then, Tuscany has turned into a golfer's paradise, with a wide variety of courses in every part of the region.

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